onthelakeSan Francisco was home to me for nearly 20 years. Though I spent my formative years elsewhere, I did most of my growing up within its 49-square-mile borders.  After months of discussion, my husband and I decided to move our family (us, our two little girls and Sam the Labrador) to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, an affluent suburb of Detroit. This blog chronicles the big move and our new life in small-town suburbia.

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30 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad I stopped by! :D I’d love to visit San Francisco one day, my mum used to live there when she was younger! I can’t wait to see more from you clicks follow


  2. 20 years is a long time! I lived in Delhi for about 15 and it’s already a part of me.
    Recently moved to the bay area, and I find myself falling in love with San Fransisco. The city just grows on you.
    You must know it like the back of your hand, would love to read a post on SFO- your favorite places, routes, benches to just sit and see the city pass by. :)


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