The March List-ish 2022

You guys. I can’t do March, just can’t. I’m too far into April and am wanting to forge ahead. March was good, great actually (which cartoon character said “good even”? A tiger? A cheetah? “Excellent, marvelous, good even.” I’m getting a 70s childhood flashback), but I’m not into recapping all the things.

With that said, I give you my March List. Ish.

  1. We took a short, but lovely getaway to Puerto Rico. Didn’t think of it at first, but after searching high and low in Florida, and weighing the exorbitant airfare costs to Florida, the family we were travelling suggested Puerto Rico and voila.

2. I was determined to spend at least one day in Old San Juan, which all of us (four of us, plus three of them) ended up doing. Loved all the buildings and colors.

3. My favorite thing was stumbling across this cool hotel in the middle of a crazy touristy street. We were all starving and had been in a minimum of 4-5 spots, trying to get a table, with no luck. I spotted this hotel and asked my husband to go inside and see if they had a restaurant (of course I couldn’t do so myself! Yes, I’m that shy).

4. They had plenty of room in their upstairs outdoor/indoor restaurant and the ambiance couldn’t be more perfect (my view was the bar above). The food was AHmazing. The chicken my husband got, especially. I ordered a broiled goat cheese salad because I was feeling….like I needed a salad and it was delicious.

5. We also walked around the most beautiful Spanish fort. San Cristobal. The architecture was stunning in places – great backdrop for a photoshoot.

6. Did you know that Puerto Rico is home of the pina colada? I did not. I had many, many pina coladas, but virgin style without rum because I prefer the taste without. It might be the best summer drink ever. Besides margaritas and I would drink them all summer if they didn’t have so much sugar in them.

7. We ate some Puerto Rican food. Did I like it? Not my favorite, but glad I tried it. Mofongo. It has a plantain base, but is not sweet, the texture is more like a potato? And is somewhat bland. Fried plantains I can do all day. I only had it once, so it’s possible other places or homes make it differently and maybe I’d like it more their way.

8. I read this book on vacay and it was so good. Spanish is the author’s first language and I was impressed and how poetic her English was. Mrs. March is a bit paranoid after learning information about her husband’s (an author) new book. The reader gets into Mrs. March’s thoughts, which are sometimes hard to sort through.

9. We spent five days in Puerto Rico and when we got back, it was still winter in Michigan. Four days later, I hopped another plane to Florida (ended up paying those exorbitant prices, after all) to celebrate my dear friend and former SF roommate’s 50th birthday in Miami.

I’d never been to Miami and was looking forward to it. It did not disappoint. The vibrant sights and sounds and colors were so lively and fun. Although I could have done without the liveliness at time (DJs were everywhere, even at brunch).

10. We took a sunset boat tour through the Miami River, which was different and fun. I was terrified going under the busy bridges roaring with traffic for some reason – ha! It was unexpected, I guess.

11. One night we went to Seaspice, a fantastic restaurant spot that was great for people-watching. We sat on the deck, along the Miami River (we actually passed it on our boat tour). I had lobster risotto with mushrooms and it was DIVINE. I wish I had it in front of me right now.

12. After dinner we headed to the popular spot, El Tucan, where fire dancers and hoop acrobats did their thing. I loved it.

SO. That certainly wasn’t all of March or even half of March, but it’s the March I’m reporting on.

It’s April 7th now and today was the first day that I genuinely believed we are done with winter. Did I say that out loud?! The air is still cool, but it feels different. It warms up JUST a bit faster, birds are a teeny bit louder, and little signs of spring are popping up in the backyard.

Adios, March. See you at the end of April (or beginning of May).

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