Cha-Ching! Price Differences Between San Francisco and Grosse Pointe


Hello readers, if you’re still with me! I’ve been enjoying Spring and thus slacking off on blogging. I’ve also been enjoying some of the cheaper costs of living here in Grosse Pointe. Granted, it’s a really nice neighborhood, so it’s not like prices of things are ridiculously cheap, but there are certainly considerable differences between San Francisco and this neck of the woods. Here are some comparisons, with San Francisco prices listed first:

  • Organic strawberries from Trader Joe’s (from California!) $6.99 / $3.79
  • Gallon of organic milk $6.99 / $5.99
  • Gas per gallon $4.58 / $3.79
  • Haircut and highlights  $155 / $130
  • Two-bedroom apartment (monthly rent) $2000 – $4000/ $750 – $1200
  • Babysitting per hour (for two kids) $18 / $12
  • Parking ticket expired meter $64- $74 (depends on area) /$10 (if paid in 10 days) or $20
  • Moving violation for no turn on red ( reason) $240 + 1 point /  $150 + 2 points
  • Minutes per quarter at a parking meter 8 /20-85
  • Emergency room visit for nursemaid’s elbow (dislocated) $587.27 / $142.58

I wanted to list a cup of coffee from Starbucks, but I haven’t been there in a while and I keep forgetting to pop my head in. I could also go on and on about the housing markets there and here, but we’re in the middle of it right now, so it’s too stressful to talk about.

If you’re curious about any other cost difference between the areas, just ask!

6 thoughts on “Cha-Ching! Price Differences Between San Francisco and Grosse Pointe

  1. So the price hasn’t changed since we left Michigan one year ago now. The cost of living is easily less than California, the taxes are lower too. Have you experienced a full Michigan winter?


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