March List Correction: Coconut Shake was $15 (not $10) omg!!

Okay, remember #12 on my March List – the experience with the very expensive coconut shake? My sister-in-law just called me to tell me that the coconut shake from Drought is actually $15.00(!!), not the $10.00 I listed (which has been updated). When I wrote the post, I remember it was a lot of money, but I couldn’t remember the exact amount and couldn’t find the price online. So I made my best guess based on pricing I did find.

Their coconut water is $10. Add some coconut meat and it goes up to a cool $15.00. I was too embarrassed to give it back, so I just shelled out the money. I wonder how many people end up doing that. Well, now I know (and now you know). Fool me once, etc…


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