Reflections of Fall

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News of our first snow storm coming tomorrow gave me the push I needed to get my Fall photos up! We had a beautiful Fall (it’s not quite over, I realize that, but many trees are bare now). Not quite as amazing as last year and not because it’s no longer new. The colors just weren’t as lush, probably because the leaves were drier, is my guess?

IMG_3287 (1024x1024) IMG_3269 (1024x1024) IMG_3189 IMG_3316 (1024x1024) IMG_3476 (1024x1024) IMG_3460 IMG_3291 (1024x1024)

Fall always brings a great moodiness to it that makes for much more interesting photos. Summer is beautiful in its bright, fresh way, but Fall and Winter make my camera happy.

As we head into Thanksgiving, I am feeling extra grateful for the ease of my life and the beauty that I get to see every day in the Lake, the trees, the sky. I will never take for granted these simple joys of life. Wishing you all a very lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

9 thoughts on “Reflections of Fall

  1. Loved these photos of Fall! Especially since I don’t get to see the color change of the Fall foilage in Phoenix! You have a great eye for Photography Lani. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Grosse Pointe Farms. Merry Christmas! Xox

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  3. Great photos! Some autumn colors hang on, while the next year of color may pass very quickly. You may ask yourself where fall went. Sometimes the season seems to go from late summer to cold weather in a snap. Each year is different in it’s own way. It’s been nice to visit bloggers in Michigan, keeps me in tune with the seasons. Great to hear you have settled into the northern life so well. Blessings for you and your family!


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