Please Vote for The Garden Detroit! (5 seconds!)

Dear Friends,

The nonprofit that is so close to my heart, The Garden Detroit, has been selected as a finalist (25 nationwide) for The Atlantic’s contest which recognizes nonprofits for making positive changes in their communities. The winner will receive a $20,000 gift, and The Garden Detroit will use these funds to finish our Detroit Abloom pavilion and purchase a much-needed walk-in cooler for our flowers. There will also be a handful of $10,000 runners up.

Just click the link and vote for us! It’s that easy, no contact info required! You do have to vote for a second company, so go ahead and read through and pick the one you like.



7 thoughts on “Please Vote for The Garden Detroit! (5 seconds!)

  1. done! note that i was a little confused by your instructions, and accidentally voted for two on the first page –first GD, then another per your instructions, and then realized when i went to the next page that my second vote had nullified my GD vote! went back and fixed it, realizing that the 2nd vote was for a different contest and was on the next page. not sure if others will also be confused, so just mention it!

    hope you are well. new year flying by, but good start.




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