The October List – 2019

Another fast and furious list coming your way because life. WARNING – I did not proof this, not even one time. I am slacking on some of my paid work and therefore I need to quickly finish this so my brain can be free to do said work. I apologize for the terrible grammar and spelling and typos that you may find within.

First of all, I heard it snowed for about five minutes today. I missed it because I was hunkered down all day doing freelance work. Which was actually really nice – having the house to myself and getting it done. Not ready for the six months of cold that is Michigan winter.

1) Halloween was really cold (40s?) and wet, and I convinced my littlest to stay home with me and watch a movie instead of trick-or-treating. We watched Aladdin and I loved it (she had seen it before, I hadn’t) and ate popcorn (me) and ice cream (her). I’ve never liked trick-or-treating. The only thing worse than strangers is strangers in costume.

Also this pic is not my kid b/c I forgot to take pics of my own kids dressed up for Halloween. So sad. But I did do a Halloween photoshoot with my friend’s super cute kid as a purple candy monster, so there you go.

2) Can’t talk about October without talking about leaves. It’s been a gorgeous fall, with bright, bright orange, yellow and red leaves.

I took pics of this family and their English Labradors (oh my gosh, it made me miss Sam so much) at CCD, which is short for Country Club of Detroit, which is located in Grosse Pointe. They were going to keep the dogs in the house, but of I was like heck no, bring it on. And then two minutes later, I was wondering why in the everloving world did I think that was a good idea. But it all worked out.

This isn’t one of my favorites from the shoot, but it’s one that shows the lovely fall colors.

3) I turned 47 on the 14th. I mean, I don’t even know what to say about that.

I thawed a piece of coconut, sweet potato and macadamia nut shortbread desserts that are in the freezer from when my mom and auntie visited this summer as a birthday treat. It tastes better than it looks.

4) Speaking of Japanese purple sweet potatoes (also called Okinawan sweet potatoes), I saw some at Trader Joe’s for the first time this week! I know I can get them elsewhere if I looked, but I haven’t seen them and this means I can easily make my favorite dessert, which is very, very exciting.

If you’re wondering how it tastes, it’s not that much different than the more common orange kind, and I am thinking how to describe the difference….purple is less….dense tasting? Meaning the flavor is not as defined as the orange kind? So more bland or maybe less sweet.

5) Speaking of Japanese some more, I finally, after years of having a copy in my bedside table (granted I’d forgotten about it because it was in the bottom cupboard section that I tend to forget even has stuff in it), I read “Scent of a City” by a former co-worker Aki Gibbons. (How many author friends do I have? A lot.)

I loved the characters and the scenes. A lot of the relationships reminded me of those you’d find in Hawaii. The whole Asian culture thing. There were surreal parts mixed every so slightly into reality and also a thread of quirkiness, which always gets me (quirkiness). I think you can only get it on Kindle? I was lucky to get a printed copy (okay, a digital copy which I printed at Staples) because I do not do Kindle.

6) Back to Halloween. I went to the infamous Beverly Boo adult party and this year’s theme was Pirate. My super talented girlfriend did my makeup and even helped me figure out how to amp up my skirt by jabbing scissors through it. And she pulled my corset so tight I could not sit down properly, but it looked Ah-MAZ-ing. Detroit – if you are ever in need of costume make-up or regular night-out make up, let me know and I will connect you with her!

I have no idea who these people are in the photo. I ended up going to the party by myself, because my husband was sick and they looked very pirate-y and they offered to join me in my entrance photo so why not.

7) And yes this is a drink ice luge and no, I did not partake because I am not interested in having a raging headache for two days. But it was fun to watch.

8) I forgot to tell you I moved offices – woohoo! Not exactly exciting stuff, but I am happy since the people I work the most with are on the first floor (I was previously on second). I miss my view of the water (I’m still facing the water, but my view is blocked by an evergeen shrub), but all I have to do is poke my head out of the office to see it out the door.

I inherited an area rug, which is SO not me (is it anyone, really? I say no), but I’m leaving it there because there is no radiator in my new office (of all the people with no heat, I know….) and it is also nailed to the floor. Decorating is tricky because I have THREE doors, but I think I’m going to order some photographs (mine. no not of me but ones I’ve taken) on canvas to hang and that will help.

9) I cooked a bunch. The red pot I’m guessing is spaghetti sauce and I don’t know why I would photograph that because I make it all the time. And butternut squash soup which is such a pain to make (all the chopping and baking before actually getting into the soup part), but it is my favorite soup next to French onion so I make it in the fall and winter when I have time.

10)  I picked these books up at the library. “Smoke” I’d learned about from a magazine article, probably while sitting at the salon and “Dear Mr. M” I’d borrowed before because I liked his first book (“The Dinner,” which we read in my SF book group).

I started reading “Smoke” and after one chapter in, I almost put it down, but I’m glad I didn’t because it’s turning out to be a very interesting read. Great characters, intriguing plot, perfect setting (English private school, old London, a country estate, yadda yadda). Very Dickensian.

Image result for "grosse pointe" chamber of commerce

11) Our Grosse Pointe community suffered a devastating loss of two young boys in a house fire this month and it completely gutted me. Yes, there is tragedy everywhere and happening all the time. But when it happens close to home, it gets to you.

We’re all still pretty shaken about it, so the one thing I will say is that…firstly I’ve been pretty straightforward about this community being very difficult to get to know and to make friends with. Not that people aren’t friendly, but that I personally had (and have) a hard time making friends, figuring people out, fitting in. But I’ve witnessed this community come together in a way that makes me proud to live here. And gives me a sense of comfort that if and when I need them, Grosse Pointe people will be here for me.

12)  Flower season has come to an end. I visited Detroit Abloom at the end of the month, so say goodbye to its season and to pick some of the last dahlias. And beets. It was early in the morning and it was so peaceful (except for the one stray pitbull who wandered in and growled at me as I ever so slowly walked away and hid behind the compost pile OMG) and beautiful.

November is already a doozie six days in. But I am grateful for all the creative and freelance work that is on my plate (in addition to everything else – SIGH). It’s a good problem to have.

Until next month (which is actually this month, buy hey).

5 thoughts on “The October List – 2019


    Happy Birthday! I’m right behind you, by about 6 months to the day. Jeez.

    Also, I remember Halloween on the Mainland for the first time and thinking ‘It’s FREEZING’. And how it really changes the costume options. Hahhaahhaha. I was Cleopatra, but with long underwear. Sexy, no?

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