The July List (Sort Of) – 2020

So, I didn’t actually forget about the July list. I’ve just been remembering at the most inopportune times. Like now (above is where we’ve spent the last week on vacation. My dad’s place in upstate NY and yes we quarantined first). But no time like the present.

Since I’m over 2020 already and I cannot right now with the usual list, I give you 12 things I am looking forward to after the pandemic, whenever that may be. In no particular order.

1) Dining at a restaurant
Okay, granted, since March, I have enjoyed the outdoor restaurant experience twice. It was not fully relaxing, but it did bring some sense of normalcy. I’m guessing there will not be a lot of restaurant eating for us for the remainder of the year. Definitely not when winter hits and eating outdoors is no longer an option.

2) Sending my kids to someone else’s house to play.
Please God.

3) No more political conversations about masks.
I don’t have them. I just hear them and read them.

4) Sports
For my kids. Not college or professional. I don’t watch those.

5) Large (more than 10 people) social gatherings
Just kidding!

6) Indoor social gatherings
That one is actually true. I love hanging out with a nice group of gals (and guys) by the fire with a cocktail. That I miss.

7) Window shopping
I’m not a big shopping, but I do like popping in to stores every now and then. I miss that.

8) Licking the grocery store produce bags
For the love of the land. I cannot open those things. So now I spray hand sanitizer on them and that works pretty well.

9) Touching all of the things
Such as grocery store produce, door handles, Amazon boxes, etc.

10) Not wearing a mask.

11) Sneezing

12) Singing
I miss karaoke, singing in chapel and I will miss Christmas carols.

Over and out!! Enjoy the last full month of summer!!!

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