The November List – 2020

November was an uneventful month in that we mostly stayed home.

ONE) Because quarantine. November is the month I (supposedly) got Covid-19. I mean, what in the world. I was out for a jog when I got the call that my PCR test came back positive. The only reason I tested in the first place was because one of the kids was in quarantine due to exposure to a positive case and we thought what the heck.

I was completely asymptomatic the entire time except for crazy anxiety and paranoia. Everyone else in my family tested negative. So there. I really hope that I had it, actually, but I’m too lazy to take an antibody test and no one knows how long immunity lasts anyway.

TWO) Two is I am writing my numbered list out because WordPress wants to turn my list into a weird bulleted-type list whenever I type a 1. or a 1) and I want the format that I want and this is the only way I can think of to do it.

THREE) I cooked.

FOUR) I puzzled.

FIVE) I puzzled while Podcasting. This month I listened to Season 2 of BBC’s Intrigue, which was titled “The Ratline.” It was part storytelling, part investigative journalism. About the disappearance of a senior Nazi, about his son who continues to deny the truth, about Nazi hunters and the Vatican. It was, in a word, intriguing. Ha.

SIX) After trying to get my fantasy novel-loving daughter to read “The Hobbit,” I decided to read it myself. It’s the sort of book I would have read as a kid, but never did. What I remember about the story is the cartoon movie adaptation where Gollum appears in the creepiest, most terrifying way. But I loooooved the more recent movie version.

I like to pretend that I like reading classics, but I only sometimes do and usually don’t. But this one is quite good. I’m enjoying it. Lots of dwarves.

SEVEN) The last of my dahlias were cut (by me) and brought inside for us to admire. They lasted a long time this year. Well, they didn’t really last long so much as their season started late. Beautiful either way.

John, photographed by me

EIGHT) My friend, client and mentor John Ahee left us this month. It was not a terrible shock (he’d had health issues for a long time), but it was still enough of a jolt to throw me and I feel the emptiness. I helped write his obituary for the local paper after a call one evening from his wife. I was… relieved. I’m sure she had no idea that the call would bring such comfort to me. I’m honored that I was able to help him one last time. You can read about his life here.

NINE) Auntie’s recovery from brain surgery (her tumor was the size of an orange!!!) has been challenging. She is doing very well, according to medial professionals, but caring for her is exhausting, not because she is difficult, but because there is still confusion and memory loss. And some physical inabilities and then some scares (like almost fainting again the other day). She will likely need to undergo another surgery in the new year.

My mom (who celebrated her birthday this month!) is taking on the burden of primary caretaker and it is a lot. But she’s really good at it. Her knowledge and skills as a teacher are being put to such good use. It’s stressful for me, being so far away, but a lot more so for my family who is there. Prayers for all.

TEN) I made pie. Two of them. For Thanksgiving. Apple pie and sweet potato. I cheated this year and used Trader Joe’s crust for the sweet potato pie. It was…fine. It was delicious. But the fact that I knew that the crust wasn’t homemade made it not as good as homemade! Gah!

ELEVEN) Leaves are gone. We raked the last of them this past weekend. It took three hours. Mostly my husband did it, but the girls and I tried, we really did. I think I lasted about an hour and a half.

And yes there is an extra kid in the picture. My daughter had a playdate and we put them both to work!

TWELVE) I NEVER and I mean never, as in I turn my nose at people who do, decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Foot in mouth. I blame Covid. I bought a cotton candy pink tree and put it up before Thanksgiving and I LOVE it.

I’m keeping it kind of light this year for Christmas. Foregoing some decorations and traditions because I’m just so dang tired. I don’t usually guilt trip myself, but I do feel a little bad about this one.

We had our first snowfall on the last days of the month. Wash it white as snow….I’m ready for a new year. But I’m looking forward to December, too. A time for peace and reflection and gratefulness and joy. Give me all the positive feelings as I say goodbye to this ridiculous year.

I hope this month finds you safe and healthy. And happy, for the most part (is anyone crazy happy right now? If you are, good for you.). Happy December, all!

2 thoughts on “The November List – 2020

  1. Seeing your kind words about John Ahee touched my heart because my husband and I knew him for over 30 years and during Paul’s illness and after his passing John was such a calming influence for me. His beautiful obit was very moving and is even more meaningful now that I know you were involved in making it so personal. Thank you.


    • Corky, hello! I’m sorry, but I am just seeing your response, I don’t know how I missed it. I know John will continue to inspire me to be kind and creative even in his absense. Thank you so much for your words. Happiest New Year to you.


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