The January List – 2021

Not to be outdone by 2020, 2021 came in hard and gave us all kinds of crazy in its first month. As the dust settles, here’s my personal recap.

1. Netflix’s Bridgerton gave us over-the-top camp in every way and I am here for it. I binge-watched the entire first season in about a week and loved the unconventionally bright colors, unhistorical diverse cast, caricatures of characters and dramatic storylines.

2. Amanda Gorman

3. If you think I purposely didn’t expand on #2 because it needs no further explanation, then you are correct. Noteworthy note, however – the day (or so) after the election, I read an article that Amanda is actually not THEE Poet Laureate of the United States, as she was introduced, but the Youth Poet Laureate of the United States. The first honor is held by Joy Harjo, pictured above, who the article said is not the type of person to be bothered by the mix-up. She sounds cool.

4. We took a mini-vaca to Crystal Mountain resort, a 4-hour drive from Grosse Pointe. For the drive, I downloaded “Downton Abbey,” the movie, which I have not yet seen, a few “Schitt’s Creek” episodes, which I have seen many of (I’m on Season 4 – no spoilers!) and packed two books. I didn’t end up watching or reading anything. I clearly needed a brain break, which I took by watching the snow-covered scenery go by. Shoutout to the husband who is ALWAYS up for solo driving a road trip.

5. Our 11-year-old has been skiing once a week at Pine Nob, thanks to a family friend who drives her there because Lord knows I cannot stand outside in the dark cold night waiting for kids to be done skiing. She’s confident and enjoys it, so we knew she’d have a great time skiing at Crystal Mountain.

Our 9-year-old hadn’t been skiing since last year and she had already predicted her dislike for lessons and skiing in general, so we were hoping (aka begging and pleading with the powers that be) she would change her mind once she got out there and hallelujah, our prayers were answered. Apparently, she lives for speed and was able to keep up. Biggest thrill for both of them (and their parents!) was going down Loki, arguably Crystal Mountain’s biggest black diamond run.

6. I did a photoshoot for Cruz Burgers, a new local veggie burger brand created by a couple whose photos I took a few years ago. They are the sweetest family and the burgers are delicious! It was supposed to be a pro bono shoot, but they gave me a really nice surprise tip. You can read about their story and get burger updates (they are still in the rollout stages) via their Instagram @eatcruzburgers account.

7. I also did another shoot for the wonderful folks at Corner Studio. I always end up trying on clothes when I’m there and I almost bought a really cute puffy jacket – whew! They are running a great promotion now through February 12 – spend $75 (on classes, sauna, retail, anything) and you are entered to win one of three giveaways – Tom Ford sunglasses, Tom Ford tote, blowout and hair products from Girlie Girl or rose gold earrings from Ahee.

8. I finished “Diary of a Bookseller” by Shaun Bythell. It is exactly what it sounds like – a literal day-to-day rundown of the happenings of a Scotland second-hand bookstore. It took me a few entries (maybe 10-20) to get into it, but I ended up really liking it. The author’s (bookseller’s) sense of humor was right up my alley and I definitely cracked a smile more than once, which is my version of laughing out loud, which I never do while reading. I recently heard they were making the book into a TV series. I’d watch.

9. Speaking of books-turned-screen, I recently read somewhere that Kenneth Branagh will produce and star in a TV adaptation of “A Gentleman in Moscow,” one of my favorite books from the last decade. Can’t wait.

10. I also read “Act Now,” co-written by my high school friend Natalie. If you’ve always wanted to do something but haven’t yet or are stuck in a rut of some kind – personal or career or whatever – it’s a great motivational, down-to-earth read that, true to it’s title, holds you accountable to take the steps necessary to reach your goal (or get out of said rut).

11. Completely forgot to mention the new car we got last Fall. For the last five years we have been a one-car family and our 12-year-old Honda CRV was just starting to feel old, so it was time. We now have a non-drivable Honda CRV (it “broke down” recently and is getting a look-over this week) and a brand new Honda Passport. I was skeptical at first, with the larger size and more sporty driving feel, but I’m almost used and for sure love it. Maybe sometimes I still need to take wider right turns (OOPS), but at least I finally have parking down.

12. January brought some lovely snowstorms (using the term lightly) to Grosse Pointe. Just the kind I like. Enough snow to cover the earth, but not enough to make life difficult. This is one of the views from my office building when you look out at the lake. If I lean out one of my office doors (yes, my small office has not one, but three, doors), this is what I see. Gorgeous. And the super cute bunny footprints! (I’m saying bunny, because I want them to be a bunny not a squirrel, which they most certainly are.)

The month flew by, not what I expected. Maybe 2021 will be just that – unexpected. And after last year, sure, I’ll take unexpected, I mean whatever, world. I always end the blog hopeful for the next month and truly I am. May your February be filled with so many good things.

5 thoughts on “The January List – 2021

  1. LOVE Bridgerton, too!! Had to binge-watch and can’t wait till next season.
    As always your blog is entertaining and interesting and leaves me with a smile on my face and inspiration. Thank you, Lani! Happy February!

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