The April List – 2021

I’m sure lots happened in April, but I’ve lost most of my memories this month because the puppy came to join us a week ago and I’ve been transported back to when I had a newborn, which is to say I’m a functioning zombie.

1) The Detroit Abloom Spring flower share started this month. I love, love, love seeing all the buckets on my porch and choosing one for myself. Ranunculus (one of my favorite flowers) and tulips are in season right now and they are spectacular.

2) I made ramen noodles. I know I did because there’s a photo on my phone telling me so. I still can’t get the broth right. I need to buy some more miso and figure it out. Even when I do have miso, I think my main issue is that I don’t put enough in, therefore not enough salt and everything is bland and then I end up putting so much hot sauce in it that I can’t really taste anything else.

3. I live for my after-lunch espressos. Especially when I throw in a teaspoon of Milk Street’s Mexican Mocha coffee sugar, which is essentially just sugar and chocolate and prob cayenne pepper and whatever else. So can’t I just make this myself for cheaper? YES. Will I do so? NO.

My second favorite coffee accoutrement is the coconut whipped cream I found at Trader Joes. I have been limiting sweets, but at 10 calories per tablespoon, that’s pretty much zero calories, right?

If I really want to treat myself, I break off a piece of Mama Honey Mama’s cocoa/coconut bar, which my friend Anna introduced to me last year during lockdown. The stuff is cuckoo expensive, but worth it. I definitely ration mine.

4) Huddle soft serve ice cream is a new-ish fixture in Detroit. I’ve been meaning to go downtown to check them out for some time, but like many other places I want to try, I just haven’t made it there yet. For a limited time, they offered ube (purple sweet potato) ice cream and my co-worker whose daughter works there hooked me up with a few half pints! Yummeeeeee!!!

5) It snowed on April 21. WHAT IN THE WORLD.

6) I got my hair cut at the lovely Village Parlor for the second time and was just as pleased with the service/cut as the first time. My 12-year-old had a cut right before me (her second ever salon cut. The first one was when she was two and it did not go well), so I brought a book to read while I waited.

This one was really good. Part sci-fi, part thriller, and a teeny, teeny part chic lit, but just barely. It was an intelligent page-turner. Fun read. I believe I saw the cover either on Instagram somewhere or a Facebook reading group and was intrigued. Knew nothing about the plot but ordered it from the library and after reading, discovered that the author won a Hugo award, which makes sense.

7) I forgot to mention this book that I read I think in February? I loved it. I almost didn’t pick it up because of the obnoxious cover. I mean it looks like the worst kind of Lifetime movie, does it not? I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t pinpoint why I liked it so much, but I can say that it took me back to my childhood of getting sucked into a story. It was enchanting, I supposed.

I picked up another of her books from the library last week and am curious to see if it is similar. It does have a similarly terrible book cover.

8) And one final book recommendation, which I just finished last night, “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.” It was witty in a dry, sarcastic way, which appeals to me. The characters were quirky and odd and flawed. I found the writing style refreshing.

9) My newest podcast. Anatomy of a Murder. Which is in a format I don’t usually like, which is one story within each episode, but I don’t mind this one. They analyze homicide cases. Yes, morbid, but interesting. I learned just today on my morning walk that the number one cause of death in pregnant women is homicide.

10) And now for the puppy! We agreed on a name, finally. Basically, Lucy and I relented our number one pick, Watson, for Obi, a name that all of us liked.

This is what he was used to before coming home with us.
Obi, 9 weeks old

11) We brought Obi home on Friday, April 23 and our lives have been chaos ever since. Actually, during the day he is pretty good. He is very eager to learn and train during mealtimes and luckily I remember a lot of our training from when Sam was little.

He hates his crate with a passion and therefore putting him to bed at night is a challenge. One night I (husband was out during that time) he barked for 40 minutes straight. That was the worst. Usually he gets up twice a night to pee, and I’m on night duty, so I pick him up and run him down the stairs (if he gets much heavier, this is going to be a problem) and out the door, and then quickly back in the crate, at which time he whines for a couple minutes, which I will take over barking for 40 minutes any day.

Knowing that puppyhood was going to be hard doesn’t make it less hard.

12) One funny thing about Obi is where he chooses to sleep. He prefers hard surfaces to soft, for one thing. Mostly he sleeps by his water and food dishes (although he rarely gets food in his food dish since we’re usually training during meals). But sometimes he plops down on the mat outside or up against a cabinet.

That’s a wrap. Nothing profound to share this month. Looking forward to nicer weather and more sleep. Happy May!

6 thoughts on “The April List – 2021

  1. Dear Lani,🐩

    With your new puppy and all the time and effort you put into his welfare, how you manage to write your blog entry at the end of the month as usual is beyond my comprehension! I applaud you! You make your readers happy though, which makes it all worthwhile.

    Mahalo! 🌺 Mom

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