Yard Work

IMG_0543 (768x1024)Spring is finally here! It arrived in full force this weekend with sunny skies and highs in the 70s. All of Grosse Pointe celebrated by doing the usual warm weather things like walking the dog, biking to the yogurt shop (TCBY, which sadly is over-sugared and processed. I miss you so much, Fraiche!), hosting a barbecue or doing yard work.

IMG_0544 (768x1024)

Kitchen window view BEFORE

On Saturday, we enjoyed mint juleps at a Kentucky Derby party and on Sunday we decided to tackle the backyard. After a trip to Home Depot (many folks here say The Home Depot, which I get is the actual name, but still sounds weird) to get random things like a new hose, garden shears, wood trim, drain cleaner and a dust pan, we started working on Project Bush Removal.

IMG_0559 (890x1024)IMG_0560 (981x1024)The bushes (three of them) to be removed were hiding the ugly utility boxes, but they were also blocking the view from the kitchen window. My husband started digging them out with a shovel and 30 minutes later, was on the phone to a friend, asking to borrow an axe. With both shovel and axe, the plants were removed after a couple hours.

IMG_0561 (1024x1024)
I had the job of chopping them up and putting them into compost bags.

IMG_0562 (768x1024)

Kitchen window view AFTER

Getting rid of them has really opened up the view from the window. We can now see most of the left half of the yard, which will be SO great this summer when I need to sneak a look at the kids (or the dog) without having to walk in the backyard or disturbing them.
IMG_0563 (768x1024)My husband has assigned me the task of figuring out what plant to put in front of the utility eyesore. Our lawn guys were here today doing Spring clean up, so I asked one of the guys for ideas. He suggested dogwood or serviceberry and said it would run about $400 including installation.

Serviceberry Tree. Image from whatgrowsthere.com

My personal favorite that is in full bloom around town is the weeping cherry. Gorgeous pink blossoms and so delicate. I have yet to find out how much those cost or if they are available.

Weeping Cherry. Image via ifinallyhavetime.com

Our next door neighbors are expert gardeners who were on the annual Grosse Pointe Garden Tour last year (which I’ve been told is a pretty big deal). I’m hoping to pick their brains for ideas (maybe after an offering of homemade pie). And my mother-in-law sent me an email saying she has an idea that could work. So many possibilities! What would you suggest?