Lost and Found – Schoolhouse Chair

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A couple months ago while surveying Detroit Abloom (a nonprofit project where I volunteer in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood), I spotted a curious sight.


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Upon closer inspection, a schoolhouse chair had become woven into a tree trunk, becoming one with it. So many metaphors and juxtapositions I could go into but I am lazy, so you can come up with your own.

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I did think it was interesting that I’d been next to that tree so many times before, but never noticed the chair. Maybe because it was the beginning of winter and things were so bare that without all the greenery it was easier to spot. Nature is pretty crazy cool.




photo 3 (800x800)Last weekend, a storm blew through town. It seemed to come out of nowhere and lasted less than half and hour. I wouldn’t have known the weather had taken a turn for the worse, except that I happened to look out the window and saw trees getting whipped about and lots of lightning. A couple hours later, a friend texted me to say that they drove by our new house and a couple of branches were down.

photo 1 (756x800)Branches indeed. They missed the porch by a few feet – yikes.  But we were one of the lucky ones. Much of Grosse Pointe lost power for days (we didn’t lose power at our apartment or the new house). And we were lucky in that the tree that fell was on city property, so they took care of hauling it away. This was the second freaky storm we had this summer. The last one hit about a month before, and same thing. Very short, but very powerful with lots of trees down. They tell me this sort of storm isn’t exactly a normal occurrence in these parts. Hmmmm.

photo 2-1 (600x800)We think the tree will eventually have to be cut down. Until then, I’ll make sure to enjoy it every day that it’s here. Aaaaaaannnnd….we’re all moved in! Update soon.

Hawaii: Running at Ala Moana Beach

Running at the beach

I was able to get several runs in at Ala Moana beach (a 15-minute drive from Mom’s house without traffic) during our short Hawaii vacation – yay! Definitely needed some exercise to balance all the sugary foods I consumed (if you can resist multiple helpings of the haupia pie that is eyeballing you from the refrigerator every day, you are not normal).

Here are some of the things I saw…