Kitchen Demo – Day Five

DayFive2 (600x800)On Day Five, the fireplace was framed out. Another snafu. Behind the marbled tile and brick, they found cinder block. Fine. However, the cinder block contains the fireplace in the living room (on the other side of the wall). Taking out the bottom rows would mean screwing up the whole wall, which we didn’t want to mess with. This means we’re losing about five inches of width in our already narrow family room. Super bummer.

DayFive (772x800)They also started the process of relocating the kitchen window. By relocating I mean moving over to the right about eight inches. Quite a big deal to gain that small of a space, but what that will do is give me more room between the sink and stove/range, and also give me a nice corner cabinet, so it was worth it.

DayFive3 (600x800)

Kitchen window from the outside.

Meanwhile on Day Five….

I took a last-minute to San Francisco and Napa (thanks in part to my amazing husband, who shuffled his schedule around to be on kid duty). I spent Day Five (and Days Six and Seven), eating delicious food, going for walks along trails and beaches, looking at art, tasting wine and spending time with friends. It was great to get away from the noise and the chaos of the remodel.

IMG_8750 (800x800)

Cypress trees along the Land’s End trail and of course, the Golden Gate.

Bridge.LandsEndI ate a solo lunch at my favorite Asian restaurant, Out the Door. (THIS is how you do Asian, Grosse Pointe! Are you listening?). Cellophane noodles sauteed in sesame oil with garlic, scallions, Dungeness crab and cilantro. And a side of sriracha.

OutTheDoor.Oct14 (678x800) OutTheDoorMenuI love Robert Motherwell, and I got to see two of his paintings on this trip. I’d seen them both before, but it was fun to view them one right after the other. One was at Hess Collection winery in Napa and the other at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.

Hess.MotherwellI was worried that being back in San Francisco was going to make me come completely undone. That maybe as I drove into the city, sadness and longing would overcome me and leave me feeling empty, lonely. But it never happened. I loved seeing the Bridge again and the ocean and the haunting foggy beauty that is Northern California and I will always miss that. But I think I’m where I’m supposed to be. On the descent into Detroit, I even caught myself thinking…”it’s good to be home.”

11 thoughts on “Kitchen Demo – Day Five

  1. I know how you feel. At least from my corner of the world, I visited friends in my old city, ate great food, felt so welcomed and loved, but when I got home I felt very happy to be back.

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  2. I bet it was very difficult to be back in California! Michigan lacks any real culture except gray skies and cold weather most of the year. i’ve been torn a lot about going back lately. Baaadly.


  3. Your entry today brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy that you’re happy here in Grosse Pointe & Michigan. We love having you here!

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