Kitchen Remodel – Overheard

DayThreeI can hear everything the workers are saying through the walls and the Visqueen (plastic sheeting. My husband had me go to the hardware store to get some and the first four people I talked to had no idea what I was talking about. Granted, I only learned the term last week, but I don’t work at Ace Hardware. Should I be concerned?).

Moving on, here are some of the things I’ve heard overheard so far:



Spitting. The kind of spitting that starts very deep down, and takes some effort to get out. Where are they spitting?!?! I don’t want to know.

Swearing (although surprisingly not that much).

“Whoa! Whoaaaa! We almost had a waterfall in here!!”

“Wait, you can’t mess that wall up. The wall’s gotta stay.”

“Mom! I heard someone say ‘Ouch’ in the family room!”

“Oooooh-kay, how am I going to do this without putting a hole in the floor?”

ClangClangClang! Thud. “Aaaahh!” Pause. “Well, that’ll make it easier, huh?”

“You and your staff need to come up with a plan by the end of the day to deal with this.”

We did hire the best of the best (or so we’re told). So I try not to pay attention to noises in the other rooms, because I know everything will be taken care of one way or another, most of it without our knowing about it. (Fingers crossed).



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