Piano Duets with My Sister

My sister and I both took piano as kids. Each year our studio would have a big Christmas concert, with several holiday numbers followed by the Nutcracker Suite. I was never chosen to play in the Nutcracker (my sister was – she’s a lot better than me), but I always wanted to. A few years ago I bought the music (The Nutcracker Suite, Op 7, Piano Four Hands by Tchaikovsky) with the intention of someday playing some of the songs with her.

We finally learned a few pieces this year – practicing separately, of course (she’s in Hawaii and I’m here). When we played together for the first time, it actually sounded pretty good, considering!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to play while she was here and even more unfortunately, we only decided to video tape the numbers at the end of her trip, and my phone ran out of room and anyway, these two clips are all I have (Sleigh Ride obviously not part of the Nutracker. We used to play it in high school).

A little out of sync and fuzzy at times, but it was sooooo much fun. We told each other that every year we would learn one song (from the Nutcracker) so that eventually we could play the whole thing together. Three down, five to go (we also learned the Arab Dance and the Chinese Dance, but I have zero footage of those).


Me on the right.

Here’s to sisters. And here’s to playing the Nutcracker Suite in 2019!

7 thoughts on “Piano Duets with My Sister

  1. I too have been following your blog with great interest from the beginning. Incidentally you’ve opened my eyes and given me new perspective on Grosse Pointe and Detroit where I’ve lived nearly 40 years. But this was the best – loved the music and particularly your unique way of keeping connected to a sister so far away.


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