The December List

IMG_92301)  Teepees make me want to be a kid again (the girls got one for Christmas from my mom).

2)  School pick-up line in this order: Ford, Pontiac, Yukon, Jeep, Dodge, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover, Yukon, Ford and….Honda CRV (me).

IMG_9195 (1024x1024)3)  Went to the new Corktown restaurant Gold Cash Gold (they kept the name of the pawnshop that used to occupy the space) during its debut week. The frites (with pickle mayo) were to die for and my grilled cheese sandwich was scrumptious. Another win for Detroit.

4)  You know you did not spend last winter in Grosse Pointe when you are praying to God every night to please make it snow (alas, no white Christmas for us).

5)  I’m not sure what possessed me to try the sushi at both Trader Joe’s and Kroger (grocery store kinda like a Safeway). I don’t need to tell you that all but one bite of each ended up in the trash bin.

momjeans6)  I opened my new H&M catalog and could not believe my eyes when I read the words “Mom jeans.” Ladies, raise your hands if you want to look like you have a droopy butt and huge thighs.

7)  Michigan, you are killing me with the tailgating. The latest: school bus (full of kids) honking at me and trying to pass me on the shoulder in a 25-mile zone. Craziness.

IMG_9216 (768x1024)8)  We had carolers! Two gals from Grosse Pointe North who were not only so sweet, but also really good singers. Love, love, love. Not once did we get carolers in San Francisco.

9)  Winter makes me want to stay inside all day with a hot bowl of chili with loads of cheese and sour cream on top. And wine. And cookies. And Baileys on the rocks. Mmmmm.

10)  Hot flashes are no joke. I don’t know if it’s the medication I’m taking (side effect is hot flashes, go figure) or my age (nooooo), but whoa.  I usually run cold, so it’s very weird for me, this sensation of feeling overheated. It actually works in my favor, now that it’s winter, but I’m worried how well I’ll fare come summer.

11)  Speaking of summer, maybe I should not be eating that sour cream or those cookies or drinking that Baileys on the rocks. Curses.

IMG_9171 (1024x1024)12)  A visit to Benjamin Moore always lifts my spirits (I mean, how can you not smile when you walk into a shop and see these guys). I stopped by with a few holiday treats and to say thanks for all their help over the last several months. Until next time!

6 thoughts on “The December List

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  2. This made me chuckle – your posts always do! And the teepee/ fairylight combination is magical. As is Baileys on the rocks…


  3. Love reading this!

    Tailgaters? Got ’em in every city and every state, no way around it but it is worse in some places. In the Flint area where we lived, the bus drivers were so bad that I more than once went to the bus depot and had words with the people in charge. They are rude, pushy and plain old dangerous – with children on board!

    There are not nearly as many Asian model cars in Michigan as say Las Vegas or California.

    Having worked in the auto industry in Michigan for so many years, coming out west and seeing so few Detroit-based cars and trucks was a shocker. Guessing you are handling the semi-humid Michigan summers? Glad that you live in a nice area and near Lake Saint Clair too.

    I hope the lake level has come back up… Oh, that’s an awesome teepee! Sleeping bags, snacks, a tiny TV – life is good!


    • Thanks for reading!

      I did call the local police regarding the bus, but by the time I finished telling them where the bus was, it had passed me and also drove into another city, so the person on the phone said I need to call THAT Grosse Pointe and I just didn’t want to go through the trouble.

      I am enjoying winter (at least looking at it), but am very much looking forward to summer. Last summer it didn’t get that hot and we actually had many cold (60s) days. I am ready for a full-blown summer!


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