The Thaw – In Photos

IMG_0160And just like that, the snow is gone. It’s still freezing (literally. It’s 21 degrees right now), but there are signs that spring is on the way – birds chirping (a sound I didn’t realize was missing until I started hearing it a couple weeks ago), squirrels digging up the millions of acorns they hid in our yard last fall (annoying!) and even buds on the trees. Nature is ready for sunshine and although I did love the snow, so am I.

More photos of the thaw….

Sam and I walked along the lake last week to look at the icy landscape for the last time…

IMG_0121 (740x1024) IMG_0104 (951x1024)

Another beautiful sunrise…

IMG_0088 (1001x1024)I was finally able to go for a run without worrying about slipping on a patch of black ice!

IMG_0083 IMG_0084Lake St. Clair, just a few days after my walk with Sam…


10 thoughts on “The Thaw – In Photos

  1. Beautiful pictures. It’s nice to see things warming up, although, the sloshy mess, black dirt melting snow stuff is icky. I like it when snow covers up things, not adds to the grit and grime! Ah well, at least everything is not thirsty!

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  2. Loni, I am so enjoying your posts!!I love how you’ve embraced life in this part of the world!! Looking forward to each new season is what makes living in this climate so amazing! You write beautifully, and your pictures are AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!! Barb Rono

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    • Well hello there! Didn’t realize you were reading – that’s so great and thank you!! Everyone was warning me about the horrible winter and how long it is, but it makes seeing Spring all the more wonderful!


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