The Storm – Photos

Finally posting photos from our big snowstorm on Super Bowl weekend…

IMG_9902 (1280x1280)The beginning of the storm. On our way to a friends’ house to watch the game.

IMG_9781 (1024x768)Loved watching the snow come down Sunday night.

IMG_9763 (768x1024)The pristine newness right after a snowfall is the best. Hardly anyone was out walking around and I loved being alone with all of it.

IMG_9871 (1024x1024) IMG_9762 (768x1024) IMG_9868 (768x1024)IMG_9870 (768x1024)And the kids (and Sam) enjoyed it, too.

IMG_9751 (768x1024) IMG_9801 (768x1024) IMG_9852 (1024x1024)IMG_9811 (768x1024)


5 thoughts on “The Storm – Photos

  1. Try standing alone, deep in a northern Michigan forest during a snow. You can hear the flakes touching down. Dead quiet. Beautiful. Love the white-out photo and the ice chunks on the lake shore. Glad your kids can make snow memories that will last a lifetime. :)


    • I agree with John. The dead quiet of winter is hauntingly beautiful. As always, love the photos, especially the one where the fire hydrant is just barely peeking out above the snow!

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