The Storm – Photos

Finally posting photos from our big snowstorm on Super Bowl weekend…

IMG_9902 (1280x1280)The beginning of the storm. On our way to a friends’ house to watch the game.

IMG_9781 (1024x768)Loved watching the snow come down Sunday night.

IMG_9763 (768x1024)The pristine newness right after a snowfall is the best. Hardly anyone was out walking around and I loved being alone with all of it.

IMG_9871 (1024x1024) IMG_9762 (768x1024) IMG_9868 (768x1024)IMG_9870 (768x1024)And the kids (and Sam) enjoyed it, too.

IMG_9751 (768x1024) IMG_9801 (768x1024) IMG_9852 (1024x1024)IMG_9811 (768x1024)