Is Your Makeup Safe? Introducing Beautycounter

BCbeautyimageI was shocked to learn that cosmetics companies are allowed to use known toxins – ingredients linked to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone disruptions – without telling us.

I’ve been a long-time food label reader, and when I had my kids I became aware of the dangers of oxybenzone (found in most sunscreens). It was only after my cancer scare a year and a half ago (more about that some other time) that I started becoming more aware of the ingredients in beauty products – shampoos, lotions, lipsticks, eye shadows, moisturizers, you name it.

Kidscounter Bath CollectionI already knew there was a link between serious health issues (asthma, learning disabilities, cancer, infertility) and our exposure to certain chemicals (plastics, exhaust fumes, etc). What I didn’t know is that companies are allowed to use ingredients proven to be extremely harmful in the products we put on our bodies. Every. Single. Day. Formaldehyde in our baby shampoo, lead in our lipstick, neurotoxins in our lotions and perfumes. Unacceptable!

IMG_9718 (1024x910)Enter Beautycounter, a cosmetics company devoted to progress. Beautycounter has banned more than 1500 ingredients (the EU bans 1300 and the US? just 11), setting a new health and safety standard. Each product batch must pass strict internal testing guidelines before being put on the market (and yes, they have scrapped production batches that didn’t make the cut).

Take a look at The Never List, a list of ingredients you will never find in Beautycounter products (and the reasons why).

BCcollectionI spent two months testing their products and am happy to report that they look great, feel great, smell great and best of all, they perform beautifully. Organic coconut oil, shea butter, calendula, fruit acids and flower extracts are just some of the awesome good-for-you ingredients used in the line.

I’m so proud to be involved with this great company as one of their consultants. To learn more or to shop, visit:

I will be offering specials and giveaways from time to time on the blog, so stay tuned!

Mom’s Winter Coat – Part II (Photos of Mom)

Momcoat2 Momcoat3Yay! Mom was able to find a couple photos of her in the blue coat (and that’s me in the yellow parka). I wish they were a little more focused, but they’ll do. I’m guessing these were taken in Germany, or perhaps Switzerland.

I’m liking her boots, the leather purse and that candy-cane scarf. I may have to do a blog post about my mom and her 60s/70s fashions. The next time I go to Hawaii, I’ll dig through our old albums and see what I can come up with.

IMG_9445Re-posting the shot of me for comparison.

Mom’s Winter Coat


In our backyard with Sam.

My mom bought this coat in 1971 or 1972 (although she thinks it was probably the former). She, my Dad and my sister were living in Germany at the time (I wasn’t born yet) and were visiting relatives in upstate New York. One day my cousin Kathy suggested a shopping trip. Perhaps there was mention of winter sales, the details are sketchy.

CoatInsideMom didn’t remember at which store she purchased the coat, but the tag tells us: Sears, Roebuck and Co.  The label also reads, “Sears Jr. Bazaar” which means it was part of the store’s junior line. My mom was in her late 20s or early 30s, so that totally makes sense. Plus, she’s 4′ 11″ and I’m not sure how many stores back then had great petite selections.

The top of the label reads, “clean by furrier method only.” An online search gave me somewhat confusing and vague results, but it appears that this phrase indicated not only how to clean the item (a type of dry cleaning, or perhaps simply dry cleaning), but also that the item was made of faux fur.

CoatCloseWhen I brought the coat home from our to Hawaii last February, it was in a sad state. The lining was fading and had separated from the main part of the coat, the pockets were ripped, the cuffs on the sleeves were starting to fall apart and the suede was getting spotty (I’m assuming due to the humidity).

I had the coat repaired by a local seamstress in San Francisco (she did a great job) and after a wipe-down by me, most of the spotting was gone or barely noticeable. It still looks rough around the edges, but it fits me perfectly and is fun to wear. I feel a little self-conscious wearing it around town because I prefer to go unnoticed. But I hate thinking about the coat sitting in the closet ’til my girls are big enough to wear it, so I’m going to try and put it on more often.


Kitchen Stools

IMG_9078 (1280x1280)We splurged on our stools for the kitchen island and I am in love. I first saw them in Petoskey this summer at the American Spoon restaurant (best Bloody Marys, by the way). The stools are pewter powder-coated steel with a black walnut seat, made by Makr, an American company based in Florida.

I searched online for (you guessed it, HOURS), looking for a similar chair (and they had to be 24″ height in order to work with our island) and found this one for $199.00 at Grandin Road…

Twin Peaks Counter Chair / 24.4 / 199

and these lovelies from Schoolhouse Electric for $295…

Drafting Chair | Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. 295

And several others that of course I didn’t like because once you see the beauty that is the Makr swivel stool you just can’t settle for anything less (budget be damned). I’m so glad we went for it because not only are they nice to look at, they are comfortable and very heavy (girls can’t easily tip over) and the best part is that they were made here in the USA.

Butch Basix T-Shirt Contest – WINNER!

Gals sporting TshirtsCongratulations to Marisa, my contest winner for my first giveaway! Marisa has won a sexy Butch Basix tee. San Francisco makes her thinks, “romantic, mysterious and delicious.” I agree! Thanks so much for playing. I will host more contests here in the future – check back often!

*Winner was chosen at random via

Butch Basix T-Shirt Giveaway!

Gals sporting Tshirts

with Butch Basix co-founder, Susan

UPDATE: This contest is now CLOSED. Thanks for playing and check back often for more giveaways!

I’m super excited to announce my very first giveaway contest! In honor of my eighteen wonderful years in San Francisco (we leave in three weeks!), I’m giving away a Butch Basix logo tee to one lucky winner.

Butch Basix is a Bay Area company founded by two amazing women:  my dear friend Susan and her friend Ames. The company’s mission is to “make a traditional masculine aesthetic more accessible while also defying what conventionally represents masculine style.”

belts and bucklesSome of their unique offerings include belt buckles, cuff links, messenger bags, Dopp kits and vegan, non-toxic deodorant. And right now, they are offering free shipping on everything!

TO ENTER:  Comment on this post and tell me the three words that come to mind when you think of San Francisco.

DETAILS:  One entry per person (Pointes of View blog followers who enter, will automatically be entered twice). Prize must be shipped to a United States (or APO) address (or U.S. territory). Winner will be selected at random and announced Sunday. T-shirt sizes and colors subject to availability. Contest sponsored by Pointes of View, in cooperation with Butch Basix.