We Have Floors!

IMG_8934 (600x800)Our new floors got installed over the weekend (and completed Monday) – hurray!

To refresh your memory, here’s what the carpeting looked like before. The carpet, in its defense, was actually pretty nice and really good quality. Hate to rip something perfectly good out but we wanted hardwood to match the rest of the house (and because we just love hardwood).

house.family2The floor guy set up a make-shift workshop in the garage,

IMG_8913 (648x800)(and in the family room). And put down a layer of subflooring.

IMG_8920 (600x800)Then he installed 2 1/4″ wide red oak floors. The floors will get stained and sanded last, after everything else (cabinets, moldings, lights) is complete.

IMG_8921 (600x800)He also installed vents that are flush with the floor…

IMG_8935 (800x745)vs. the older vents we have throughout the rest of the house that are raised…

ventThe excitement was short lived; the floors got covered up again the day after they were installed.

IMG_8939 (600x800)But it’s nice to know they’re under the tape and paper. And even nicer knowing that the reason they’re there is because cabinets arrive today!

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