Cabinets Have Arrived

IMG_8960 (1280x960)Nevermind that I spent all week cleaning up throw-up and doing laundry (girls had stomach flu)…we have cabinets!

IMG_8942 (1280x960)They arrived on Wednesday on a big white semi. The driver must make a lot of trips out here, because he and the construction crew took off to I assume have lunch, before unloading the truck.

IMG_8947 (960x1280)I chose nordic white maple cabinets by Wood-Mode’s semi-custom line, Brookhaven. The glassed ones aren’t completely see-through. I think they are sanded just a hair. I don’t love that you can see inside, but I also didn’t like the opaque options, which were bubbled or too textured.

IMG_8948 (1280x960)

This row of cabinets is on the same side as the family room fireplace. Fridge will go on right.

Now that the cabinets are somewhat in place, we have a much better idea as to what the finished room is going to look like. Pretty exciting stuff.


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